Big Birthday

Monday was PC’s big 30th birthday!

PC was in Italy with the Aussie team, so Nolan and I were a little bummed we couldn’t celebrate with him.  But I made this lil collage of PC and Noley together.


And here’s a cool collage a fan made for PC…hahahahaimage

Last Friday, Nolan had his first shots. He only cried for about 3 seconds, before I was able to calm him with a cuddle.


Little snickerdoodle didn’t have any adverse reactions, he just went into super sleepy koala mode for the rest of the day.  image

Besides that, we’ve been trying to get out and about as much as possible.  I’m getting better and better at the logistics of getting in and out of the house, on public transportation, loading and unloading from the car.  I’ve definitely started making mental notes about which stations have elevators, and which restaurants have changing tables (spoiler alert: almost none of them).  Speaking of poopy matters, we were just at a cafe today that specified only #1’s were allowed in their toilet. They must have had one customer that really destroyed their bathroom.imageimageimageimage

…and here’s a couple of pics just because he looks so cute

imageimageWe got snickerdoodle a new bouncy chair.  First, because his cousin Pshea LOVES this particular bouncer.  Second, because Noley still hates Piglet on the other chair.  So far, I think he likes this new one.

imageIn other news, PC signed to come back to Berlin!  We are happy with the decision, but there’s a little added bonus.  I don’t have to pack up the whole apartment by myself. woot.


3 thoughts on “Big Birthday

  1. The picture of him on your lap out to lunch, looks exactly like you as a baby! Such a precious little squishy

  2. erin Nolan is gorgeous i see his dad 4 sure we r in Parma is Paul close? sounds like u r lovin life

  3. Fantastic collage of the birthday boy! It’s all about being husband and father (and a pro athlete 🙂 now! Noley is the bestest and the cutest – and a pox upon that dreaded Piglet. And I swear I was never in that cafe …..

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