Qualification Tournament Begins

The olympic qualification tournament in Tokyo started on Saturday, and it has been crazy.  It’s a round robin tournament, and Australia has only two matches left to determine its Rio fate.  Unfortunately, they didn’t start out so hot, but their form keeps on improving.  Yesterday Australia played France, one of the best teams in the world right now, and lost 3-1.  But, they fought tooth and nail to push it to five sets, which meant that the 4th set was a wild display with Australia fighting off 16 match points before it all ended at 44-42.  I highly recommend watching the 4th set, or at least the last bit of it below.

All the matches are being broadcast live on the FIVB’s youtube channel.  As you watch live, there is also a live chat sidebar to interact with other fans/read some absolutely beautiful internet nonsense.  If you’re not reading the live chat every once in awhile you’re kind of doing it wrong.  In addition to basic “go team” “you suck” or random cries of “Hodorrrrr”, there was one fellow who really needed to go pee, but was waiting until the end of the 4th set.  As the set inched closer to the 40 point mark he resigned himself to peeing in front of his desktop.  At the end of the match several other commenters wanted an update on his bladder status.  There are so many other comments I wish I could share, but they’re either too crass or too insensitive to share publicly.  Just…go have a look sometime.


PC scored 34 points in the match (which is pretty amazing), but I’m sure he would have traded those points for a shot at the 5th set.  Anyhow, found this on IG, and I liked it.


Most of the matches are on at 3 am or annoyingly early in the morning, but today’s match against Japan was a nice lunchtime broadcast.  I think Nolan enjoyed it.  Also, I’m 100% sure I’ve been more nervous than PC throughout this tournament.  There are two d0-or-die matches left!


As for Nolan updates…

He’s been babbling a lot, and grabbing at his toys.


He’s a strong little porkchop.


And a champion sleeper.  He’s been sleeping through the night consistently for the last few weeks.  wooooooot


He enjoys snoozing in his bouncer with his koala friend to nuzzle.


On Sunday we went to check out Thai Park.  I’ve been dying to check it out for a couple of years, but it’s not in operation during the wintry/crap weather months when we are usually here.  Basically, when the weather is fine, Thai families come out to this park in Wilmersdorf, set up hot plates and umbrellas and sell delicious homemade Thai food.  IMG_1540

Ok, it’s not perhaps the most hygenic situation.  And no, it’s not strictly legal.  But it’s pretty amazing.  There’s curries, pad thai’s, skewers, dumplings and sticky rice desserts.  Plus, you can even get a thai iced tea or even a nice cocktail.  I was seriously eyeing the mojitos a couple next to us were enjoying.  Even if you’re not game to try the food, the people watching, and general atmosphere is worth the trip.  IMG_1542And other than that…we’ve got less than 2 weeks until Texas!



3 thoughts on “Qualification Tournament Begins

  1. Oh Nolan you just get cuter and cuter! And seriously, PC had a blinder of a game against France! That instagram post cracks me up haha

  2. The tourney has been great, the match against France was unforgettable, and PC in that match and particularly the fourth set was “being FANTASTIC this player” 🙂 Nolan continues to cause me to break out in wide smiles! Isn’t it amazing how, as a parent, another person’s great sleeping ability can give YOU so much joy 🙂

  3. Hahahahah “paul carroll are very much good. He are fantastic!” Thats really awesome someone tried so hard to praise him! Fo Sho deserved it too

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